Our products

Ceramic Balls
Tabular Alumina
High Purity Alumina Balls
Fused Alumina
Quartz Pebbles
Porous Balls
Alumina Gel
Silica Gel
Gamma Alumina Catalyst Carriers
Ceramic Grinding Media
Activated Alumina
Claus Catalysts
Molecular Sieves
Zinc Oxide Desulphurization/Sulfur Catalysts
Chloride Adsorbent, Reformer HCl Guard
Alkylation, Defluorination Catalysts
Polymer Feed Purification Catalysts
Arsenic Removal Catalysts
Activated Carbon

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Quality Assurance

These products are manufactured by subsidiary companies of Oxide Group – Oxide India, Catalysis India and several other locations worldwide. Our Quality Control and Surveillance are documented – ISO 9002 Certified. The products undergo stringent inspection by Oxide quality control team of the U.K., prior to shipment. We have well equipped and approved R & D Laboratories with Pilot Plant facilities. User and Third Party Inspection are permitted. Packing is normally in polythene lined super sacks or steel drums and can accommodate customer’s individual packing requirements. Our customers include most leading refineries, oil companies, fertilizer, petrochemical and other industries worldwide. Users reference list can be provided on request.