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Ceramic Balls
Tabular Alumina
High Purity Alumina Balls
Fused Alumina
Quartz Pebbles
Porous Balls
Alumina Gel
Silica Gel
Gamma Alumina Catalyst Carriers
Ceramic Grinding Media
Activated Alumina
Claus Catalysts
Molecular Sieves
Zinc Oxide Desulphurization/Sulfur Catalysts
Chloride Adsorbent, Reformer HCl Guard
Alkylation, Defluorination Catalysts
Polymer Feed Purification Catalysts
Arsenic Removal Catalysts
Activated Carbon

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Manufacturers, Processors & Suppliers of Catalysts Adsorbents, Catalyst Bed Supports, Inert Balls, Ceramic Balls, Alumina Balls, Porous Balls, Gamma Alumina Cylinders & Rings, Catalyst Carriers, Alumina & Silica Gel,Activated Carbon, Activated Alumina and Molecular Sieves.

Petrogas the International division of VAM Technologies based in the Great Britain, specializes in manufacturing and supply of catalyst and support material required for oil processing, fertilizer, refinery, petrochemical, steel, cement and catalyst manufacturing industries.

Our ever – expanding catalytic science have a successful reputation for more than 2 decades and our technocrats have acquired a profound understanding of alumina – ceramic application based technology.

Our group has a highly established and coveted sales network all over Europe, North America, Middle East, Far East and South East Asia.

Quality products and dedicated services are the integral systems of VAM Technologies and customer satisfaction is our essential objective.

Provide customer driven solution for all segments of Catalysts, High Purity Alumina, Ceramic-Silica Products through advantaged cost effective environment technologies via catalytic science know-how and catalyst manufacturing expertise.

Become the top “one-stop” marketer of both standard and high purity alumina-ceramic products.

Maintain vision and focus to meet global initiatives (low sulfur, low NOx .)