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Alumina Gel
Silica Gel
Gamma Alumina Catalyst Carriers
Ceramic Grinding Media
Activated Alumina
Claus Catalysts
Molecular Sieves
Zinc Oxide Desulphurization/Sulfur Catalysts
Chloride Adsorbent, Reformer HCl Guard
Alkylation, Defluorination Catalysts
Polymer Feed Purification Catalysts
Arsenic Removal Catalysts
Activated Carbon

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Petrogas International

We are “One-stop Shop” for supplying Catalysts, Bed Supports, Toppings and Carriers, Mist Eliminators, Demisters & associated materials to the Petrochemical, Polymer and Chemical processing industries (Oil companies, Refineries and Gas liquefaction plants), Fertilizer, Steel, Power Plants, Defense, Space and application oriented companies such as paint, textile.

For decades, Petrogas International has been committed to Catalyst-Science and Chemical Engineering and have acquired a profound understanding of the wide applications of Alumina/Ceramic based technology and separation technology.

We are specialists in the manufacturing of commercial and custom made catalysts. Our plants in India and China have the most modern equipment and machinery-state-of–the art manufacturing, granulating, extrusion, sizing and shaping equipment which are essential for the degree of precision and sophistication.

Today we supply many leading International companies with custom tailored ISO certified products in kilograms in tons of quantities. We also offer the services of our expert panel for custom tailoring the products to fit the process needs.

We take pride in delivering cost-effective solutions tailor fitted to the process needs.

The Group has a wide sales network in Europe, the United States of America, the Middle East, South East Asia and the Far East.

Petrogas International Group vast experience in Design & Development of various kinds of Catalysts, Supports, Adsorbents, Demisters and Tower – Structural Packing to the Oil Processing, Petrochemical, Chemical, Desalination Plants since 1981. A team of scientist and technocrats are regularly engaged in providing custom made design, laboratory – pilot plant scale developments of specialty products to suit exclusive requirements of customers.

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